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CBC, Versus, TSN, & CBC release schedules

Am I the only one disappointed that CBC will only be showing 3 Wings games during the regular season and TSN only has 4 Wings games on the schedule?

The Wings will make their 2007-2008 CBC debut on January 12th when the Red Wings take on the Ottawa Senators. February 9th marks the second Wings game on CBC with this one taking place on Saturday afternoon against the Maple Leafs. Two weeks later, the Wings take on the Canucks at 10pm for HNIC action.

I know part of it is that the Canadiens and Maple Leafs rarely play the Wings anymore and those two teams make great HNIC games, but Detroit is so close to the Canadian border that it sucks they will only be shown three times during the entire season. Both the NY Rangers and Pittsburgh Penguins will have seven games on CBC.

TSN will be showing these Wings games:

Oct. 24 vs. Vancouver Canucks
Dec. 19 vs. LA Kings
Feb. 1 vs. Colorado Avalanche
Feb. 15 vs. Columbus Blue Jackets

TSN has the Penguins making 13 appearances. The Avs and Rangers will have 8 and 6 games shown respectively.

Versus will broadcast eight Red Wings games:

Wed. Oct. 3 Anaheim at Detroit 7:00 PM
Tue. Nov. 13 Detroit at St. Louis 8:00 PM
Tue. Nov. 27 Calgary at Detroit 7:00 PM
Tue. Dec. 4 Detroit at Montreal 7:30 PM
Mon. Dec. 17 Washington at Detroit 7:00 PM
Mon. Dec. 31 St. Louis at Detroit 7:00 PM
Tue. Jan. 8 Colorado at Detroit 7:30 PM
Mon. Feb. 18 Detroit at Colorado 8:00 PM

Personally, I'd rather watch the games on FSN Detroit, but I realize that not every Wings fan lives in Michigan.

The NY Rangers nabbed the high of eight games broadcasted on NBC with the Wings coming in at 6 games.

February 10 vs. Anaheim Ducks @ 1pm
February 17 vs. Dallas Stars @ 1pm
March 2 vs. Buffalo Sabres @ 6pm
March 9 vs. Nashville Predators @ 3pm
March 16 vs. Columbus Blue Jackets @ 3pm
March 30 vs. Nashville Predators @ 3pm
April 6 vs. Chicago Blackhawks @ 3pm

As usual, the FSN Detroit crew of Ken Daniels and Mickey Redmond will be covering most of the Red Wings games in the Detroit area (when NBC or Versus don't have the rights). It should be another great season and we only have 46 days until the Red Wings season opener!