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Wings invite Jarram to camp

The Detroit Red Wings are not currently known for their big bad physical presence especially when it comes to their complete lack of an enforcer. Well, the team has invited David Jarram to their training camp.

Jarram is known as being a tough guy in the OHL, where he was recently traded from the London Knights to the Oshawa Generals.

"He is a big physical presence and he was somebody we needed I think," said Generals coach/GM Brad Selwood. "We need some better team toughness, or more of it. Certainly we have the talent to put up a lot of numbers but we also need to have these young guys protected. We need that guy that will go out and do the battling for them. He is really going to help."

While Jarram will not make the Wings roster, it is interesting to see the Wings look at a tough guy at camp. The undrafted forward will have an opportunity to prove himself in Traverse City during camp next month.