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Detroit Free Press interviews fan favorite Shanahan

While Brendan Shanahan may no longer play for the Detroit Red Wings, most Wings fans still love the guy and so does the Detroit Free Press. They recently interviewed Shanny while he was spending time at his summer home in Cape Cod. Shanny re-signed with the NY Rangers this past summer and looks forward to leading the Blueshirts further into the playoffs this season.

QUESTION: You grew used to seeing bold moves while you were with the Wings. What are your thoughts on the Rangers signing marquee free agents Chris Drury and Scott Gomez last month?

ANSWER: "I think they identified those two players as the top two on their wish list, so to be able to get both was a success. Center ice is such an important position, and to know that that position basically has been solidified for the next five years, I think that's pretty important. They have similarities in that they've both played on championship teams, but they're different in their styles and both bring a lot of different things to the team."

It's not a long interview, but certainly an enjoyable one to read. Between Shanny and Lundqvist, the NY Rangers are definitely my favorite team in the Eastern Conference (I cheer for no other team in the Western Conference). With the big signings of Drury and Gomez, they are definitely stronger contenders this season. If they stay healthy especially come playoff team, I believe they'll go farther than they did this year.

I don't know about anyone else, but I can't wait for real hockey news to return and hockey games to start back up. Less than a month until the Wings start training camp!