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Recap: Wings 1, Thrashers 5

The Wings (33-10-4) lost their third straight (tied for their season's worst losing streak) on Tuesday evening against the Atlanta Thrashers (23-22-2). The Wings certainly did not look great in last night's effort, but the Thrashers seemed to play above their typical level.

Marian Hossa, who is currently negotiating a contract extension with Atlanta (if he decides to stay), had a solid night scoring Atlanta's first three goals. It was his seventh career hat trick.

Atlanta's goaltender Keri Lehtonen played a great game stopping 46 shots. Niklas Kronwall scored Detroit's only goal in the second half of the third period.

After Atlanta's fourth goal of the game, head coach Mike Babcock pulled Chris Osgood from the net and put Dominik Hasek in. I was pretty shocked to see the switch-up. It would have been one thing for Babcock to pull Ozzie at the end of the second, but they usually like to give Hasek time to warm-up because if he hurt his groin or something, that would suck pretty bad. Hasek did get some warm-up time, but it wasn't as thorough as he would warm-up if he was starting a game. Osgood had allowed four goals on just 17 shots.

Babcock walked over to Hasek after Marian Hossa completed a natural hat trick 1:14 into the second, and Hasek briefly left the bench.

"I went to him the first time and he wasn't ready, so he had ample warning," Babcock said. "I went to him after three, he wasn't ready; he had ample warning and time to get ready."

Hasek wasn't wearing his upper-body gear.

"Michael told me after third goal to get ready and so I stretched a little bit and after fourth goal, he told me to get in," Hasek said. "I was thinking about it, that it's been long time since I jump into a game in the second or third period. But I felt comfortable. I didn't feel like something could happen to me."

Detroit has now allowed five goals while on the power play in the last two games so head coach Mike Babcock decided to review the basic fundamentals in today's practice.