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GDT: Wings vs. Kings

Detroit (35-10-4) continues its three game road trip by making a stop in LA to face the Kings  (19-28-2) tonight at 10:30pm. On paper, this game should result in a Detroit victory. However until this year, things never seemed to go well on western road trips. Hopefully having family members in the audience will spur the team on to a victory.

RudyKelly @ Battle of California has his preview up about the game from an opponent's perspective.

Detroit will be without Henrik Zetterberg tonight and tomorrow against the Ducks as he is out with a sore back (yes, again). Apparently, he hurt his back while picking up a laundry bag. As a result, he will be missing his second straight All-Star Game (he missed last year's due to a wrist injury) so that he can rest his injury. Fortunately, the playoffs are still a couple months away, which is plenty of time to rest his back. Unfortunately, back injuries can pop up at just about any old time and that's never good when it's one of your star players.

"I'm disappointed, especially this year after I was voted in (as a starter) by the fans,'' Zetterberg said. "We decided it's best not to go and get this squared away and be healthy for the rest of the year.''

He said his back didn't improve from the day before but that it's not as serious as the flare-up from last month, which forced him to sit out five games. He also said the issue is with his muscle, not a disc. Last year he missed the last 19 games of the season with an inflamed disc.

"I'm still positive,'' Zetterberg said. "It's not that I'm really worried that it's going to go as it did last year but you never know.''

The game will be shown on FSN Detroit as well as the NHL Network in Canada. Go Wings!