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Welcome BTJ Readers

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Yesterday, I posted the big news that James Mirtle, one of the four founding fathers of the hockey blogosphere (in my opinion), left his humble abode at Blogger to become the hockey manager at SBN and now blogs here at From the Rink.

Over the past year, I have tried to divide my Wings blogging attention to Behind the Jersey and Winging It In Motown here at SBN. Unfortunately, I don't have the time to make both successful and I feel that both blogs have suffered over the past year because of my attempt to do so. I had been thinking of consolidating my blogging efforts and Mirtle's decision to join SBN made my decision even easier.

I believe that under Mirtle, SBN can become the leading place on the web for your team hockey news. SBN 2.0's software made game threads a fantastic option and tt now allows readers to make their own FanShots or FanPosts and I can then promote them to the front page allowing readers more interaction. As a result, I am leaving BTJ to solely blog Red Wings hockey at Winging It In Motown. It was a hard decision to make (after spending almost 4 years blogging at BTJ), but I felt it was the right one to make.

You will now find a mesh of my Wings blogging at WIM with more BTJ-feature posts like Behind the Blog as well as the newsy posts and game threads already common to WIM. In addition, Mirtle is asking all of the SBN hockey blogs to boost their weekly post totals so content will be increasing here as well.

We are even hoping to add another WIM blogger or two so if you would like to join Joe and I at WIM, please send James an email.