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Andreas Lilja has an appendectomy

Wings defenseman Andreas Lilja missed practice earlier today because he was at the hospital having a laproscopic surgery to have his appendix removed. Apparently, he hasn't been feeling well for awhile and they finally learned what was causing it.

"He's had some stomach pain," Babcock said. "They found that there was calcification of a build-up in his appendix. That was creating problems for him. They say there should be no issue whatsoever. It just means Meechie gets another opportunity."

According to head coach Mike Babcock, he will miss Wednesday's game against St. Louis but will be able to play in Friday's home game against the Atlanta Thrashers. While it seems awfully soon to return from a surgery, I'm not a doctor so what do I know.

As Babs said, Derek Meech will get another chance to play on defense. I don't think not having Lilja in the line-up will severely hurt our chances against the Blues tomorrow.

Here were the lines earlier today in practice.