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McCarty clears waivers & Helm assigned to GR

Forward veteran Darren McCarty cleared waivers on Tuesday after the team did so in case they needed to bring up a player from GR unexpectedly and allows for cap flexibility.

"We're putting him on waivers because we want the flexibility with the salary cap," general manager Ken Holland said. "He's ready to come off IR. He could play Wednesday, or he could be claimed. If he's claimed, I'm happy for him -- it means another NHL team is going to keep him and pay him major league money."

It comes as so no surprise that he was not picked up by another team. He isn't lightning fast nor is he a big offensive threat. He's simply known for his physical play -- the enforcer of the team, which is frankly not needed so much in the NHL these days. Plus, McCarty is currently on injured reserve due to a sore groin.

As much as I love the guy, I'd rather see him in GR. He is a fan favorite and would help draw even more people to Grand Rapids Griffins hockey games even though GR is already stacked plus he'd be a great veteran presence to their young roster. This season I actually want to try to make it to a Griffins game because their roster is full of players close to the making the Wings line-up. Plus, it doesn't sound like he's going to be getting a ton of ice time here anyways.

Helm assigned to GR

Henrik Zetterberg has been out with a sore groin, but appears to be getting close to returning to play as forward Darren Helm was re-assigned to GR. Zetterberg had his first full skate Tuesday morning and if he's still doing well Wednesday, we could very well see him in the line-up against St. Louis.

"We're not keeping Helm around to be the 13th forward," Holland said. "If Mike Babcock wants him in the lineup Wednesday, we'll figure that out, but we're not keeping him around to be a spare piece."

Helm's re-assignment isn't really indicative of his play. The speedy forward has done really well in his limited role, but would be better served developing in GR where he will get to log solid minutes.