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You Didn't Think You Could Actually *Go,* Did You?

In a heartwarming announcement, Gary Bettman has made it clear that if you're not a Chicago Blackhawks season ticket holder, you're gonna have a problem getting tickets to Winter Classic 3:

"This game is going to be sold out. Most of the tickets, not all, will be going to season ticket-holders of the Blackhawks. They are our first priority and the Blackhawks' first priority. We're not going to have the massive public sale like we did in Buffalo last year when we were playing in a 72,000-seat facility. Some tickets will be made available to the public, but if you want to be assured, you have to get season tickets."

This should not be a surprise to Wings fans who are used to being treated by the redheaded stepchild of the league for years, but let me just throw out a math question:

Assume you can fit 40,000 into Wrigley for this game. The last number I've heard for Blackhawk season ticket holders is around 15,000 (keep in mind that the United Center holds 20,500 for hockey). Unless my math is bad, that leaves 25,000 seats. The NHL obviously will take a portion of these seats. But how many?

Remember, this is, according to the league, an NHL-run game, which means the league gets to control who gets how many tickets. So why not give a decent portion to Red Wings season ticket holders (at a minimum)? Oh, that's right: because the Blackhawks have turned into the new poster boys of Toronto and New York.

You know what'd be nice? If the Red Wings front office actually grew a spine at some point and stood up for their fans. Ah, we can only dream...