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10/9 Quick Hits

  • Both Kyle Quincey and Tomas Holmstrom practiced with the team yesterdayday. Quincey still could be traded before the season opener. Holmstrom missed practice on Tuesday due to a sore knee, but says that he is good to go for the season opener tomorrow.
  • Thanks to the Wings' Stanley Cup win, Sporting News named Detroit the No. 2 sports city in the country behind only Boston. I'm actually surprised that we were that high considering the Lions and Tigers tanked, but a Cup win certainly helps. Boston was definitely deserving of the honor as the Red Sox won the World Series, the Patriots made it to the Super Bowl, and the Celtics won the NBA Championship.
  • Aaron Downey cleared waivers so he will play in Grand Rapids much to his dismay. "Nobody wanted me," Downey said, referring to the other 29 NHL teams choosing not to pick him up. "I think I'm going to go down and play some games. I still enjoy hockey."
  • The Detroit News had a nice article on Jiri Fischer, who was a Wings' defenseman who nearly died on the bench during a game three years ago. Today, he's the club's director of player development and the job seems to be suiting him.
  • Marian Hossa loves sushi and comedies like Forty-Year-Old Virgin, Knocked Up, and Meet the Parents.
  • Speaking of Hossa, he is on the cover of Sports Illustrated this week in Michigan and Canada.
  • This season, the Wings could break the Montreal Canadiens' record of eight straight seasons with 100+ points.