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[Game Thread] Wings vs. Flames

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Tonight, the Wings continue their Western Canada road trip as they face off against their second Albertan team.

This game thread was written just after Thursday night's game against Edmonton so I can't say for certain who will be in net or the lineup. I would guess Chris Osgood would get the start. Tomas Holmstrom and Niklas Kronwall are maybes after missing Thursday, but since the severity of their injuries are unknown as of right now I can't say for certain. Both Dan Cleary and Chris Chelios did not come on the trip so we know they definitely won't be playing.

I am in South Carolina all weekend and likely won't have Internet access during the game. If I do have access, I plan on leaving comments throughout the game based on Ken Kal's call of the game and/or the boxscore on If you don't see any comments from me five minutes into the game, that means I was unable to get access but please feel free to post your thoughts on the action either way!

The game starts at 10pm EST and will be shown on CBC and FSN Detroit.