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Red Wings Marketing Department Strikes Again!

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I noticed the Red Wings have a promotion involving showing holiday spirit in which you send photos of your house to the Wings, they'll post them, and then people vote, then they vote again on the night of the faux New Year's Eve game, and the whole thing has the kind of complexity that makes you wonder why they'd bother.

(As an aside: in a previous life, I helped create a contest for a mobile phone carrier that didn't run (long story). One of the clients said, "Isn't this awfully complicated?" My reply: "Yes, but that's part of the excitement!" The rest of the staff laughed. The client didn't.)

Here's the prize structure:

First prize: two Delta Airlines tickets

Second prize: two tickets to Winter Classic II.

Third prize: a Winter Classic II authentic jersey.

The winners are determined on December 30, during the game.

So let me get this right: The Red Wings are running a promotion that has nothing directly to do with the Red Wings (it's not the best Red Wings holiday display, just the best holiday display), gives a non-Red Wings prize as first place, and awards as second prize something that requires the "winner" to figure out how to get 288 miles away 38 hours later to use it or lose it on a night in which any hotel in the region you're going to will charge an exorbitant rate because it's New Year's Eve. And couldn't you see someone winning first prize and going, "I'd rather have the game tickets?"

That, ladies and gentlemen, is quality marketing!