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The Wings "Care."

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Two items (with a hat tip to Malik again):

1. Jimmy Develano tells the National Post about how he empathizes with the common folks:

"We went from a base of 17,000 season tickets - and we would cut that figure off at 17,000 - to where we now find ourselves at 13,500 season tickets, and the decline is 100% economic related. We have a real good hockey team. We won the Stanley Cup in June. The people have not left us because they don't like the product, they don't like the team and we are not competitive.

"We checked with those that had to give up their tickets and 99% of them have dropped them because they have lost their jobs, their company is going to go bankrupt, and people are leaving Michigan to find work elsewhere."

Right...and the facts that you jacked up ticket prices for this season and have an in-arena show that's as threadbare as a 1996 Olympic T-shirt have absolutely nothing to do with it.

2. Oh, so you wanted to watch the Wings game last night? If you have Comcast and decided not to get digital cable, maybe because you're in the boat that Mr. Develano is moping about, you've been SOL: it's only on channel 901. And us WOW customers who thought we'd dodged a bullet because they're showing the Plus games on 14? Not after the first of the year we're not:


Enjoying that dumptruck full of money, Jimmy?