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Tweeting & blogging the Winter Classic

As you all know, the Winter Classic is quickly approaching and just three days away! And if you haven't already, please enter Joe's contest to win some free WC gear! All you have to do is guess where his seat is! Click here for more info.

I wanted to let you guys know the plans we have for WIM for the big game. Both Joe and I will be at the game as fans. In fact, we will be sitting next to each other at the game. I recently got an iPhone so we will be able to take pictures of the action as well as tweet our comments/reactions during the game. In our game thread post, we will have my Twitter feed (@behindthejersey) so you can get a direct link to our photos and comments. I do encourage you all to leave comments in the game thread, but it's going to be hard for me to add my comments in Twitter AND the thread. However, you won't have to leave that post to get our remarks.

In addition, I will also insert a Twitter feed that has all the tweets with the #winterclassic. So you'll be able to read what anyone on Twitter is saying about the WC. If you are on Twitter, you will definitely also want to follow @umassdilo, @detroitredwings, and @nhl_blackhawks. Michael DiLorenzo, the NHL Director of Corporate Communications, has been posting pictures already of Wrigley and the NHL communications work area in the bowels of Wrigley. You can view his photo feed here. The other two Twitter accounts are the official feeds for the Wings and Blackhawks. Both will have people at the game commenting on the action so if you want the official stuff, be sure to check those out.

For anyone else going to the game, we would love to see your photos and hear from you. We encourage everyone to make a FanShot and/or FanPost with their comments and photos about the big game.

I believe James Mirtle at From the Rink will be having a live blog and posting photos as they come in of the game. Matt and Sam at Second City Hockey will both be at the game and commenting on their blog. Al at Bleed Cubbie Blue will also be at the game, but I don't know if he plans on updating his blog while at Wrigley. Eric McErlain at NHL FanHouse has press access so he will be able to provide a behind the scenes view of the action.

If you have any other blogs or people on Twitter that will be covering the action live, please leave a link in the comments section!