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Winter Classic Tickets As Cold As The Wrigley Field Ice

Scott Burnside,

"We could fill Wrigley 10 times over," McDonough told Monday, not long after the ice surface was painted white and a few hours before the Winter Classic logo and red and blue lines were to be painted in.

Ticket demands? Well into the hundreds of thousands, he said.

Remember a few days back, when I showed you a chart on the resale market for Winter Classic Tickets? After George Malik linked to a pair of sloppy articles, I pulled the last 43 sales on eBay. Here's the latest sales:

Face Value Current Average Percentage Markup
$75 $196.75 162.33%
$225 $214.16 -4.82%
$325 $282.65


That's right: these tickets are so hot, you can get them below face value!

John McDonough, at this point I think you ought to be happy you can fill it once.