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Recap: Wings 5, Avs 1

Yesterday evening, the Detroit Red Wings won the game in a dominating fashion, 5-1.

Johan Franzen notched Detroit's first playoff hat trick since Darren McCarty's on May 18, 2002 (also a win over Colorado). Between his big body and high level of skill, Franzen has become quite the force this season with 22 goals in his last 25 games (including regular season). He has seven goals this postseason.

"I think he's learned how to use his body down the boards and in front of the net," goaltender Chris Osgood said. "He uses that to his advantage to drive pucks to the net and getting to the goal area and screening the goalie. He's got a real great shot -- he used to not shoot as much, so now he's starting to shoot. I think he's just learning how to play and use his body in a positive manner."

Johan Franzen scores his third goal of the game.

With just under half a game remaining of play, Henrik Zetterberg scored Detroit's fourth goal of the game. That's when Colorado really fell apart taking six penalties in the next six minutes of play. In fact, Colorado had seven penalties in the second period, one more than the number of shots in the same period. While I didn't mind seeing Colorado lose it because it showed the Wings were getting to them and frustrating them with their play, I was worried that one of the Avs players may act out and hurt a Wings player. Fortunately, that didn't happen.

We even got to see a Wings-Avs fight with Darren McCarty.

Now I am definitely not ruling out the Avs by any means. If Forsberg can come back for Game #3 on Tuesday and not look like the groin injury is restricting his play too much and if Colorado starts Budaj, it'll be a different Avs team in front of their home crowd. We saw in the first round against Nashville and then last year against Calgary, a 2-0 series lead is only halfway there. The Wings need to pounce in the first period of Game #3 to grab a stranglehold on this series.

For the rest of the photos my dad took at the Wings game, please click here.

Go Wings!