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Letter from Frank @ PensBurgh

The Stanley Cup Finals are almost upon us and SBN will be covering the games from both sides, here and our Pittsburgh counterpart, PensBurgh. Outside of recapping the series happenings, the Frank and I will be exchanging banter throughout the series. Here is Frank's first "letter" to WIM and you should be able to see my letter to PensBurgh once it's posted there.

Dear Wingin It in Motown,

Here we are counting down the minutes before Game 1 of the finals. One of us will get the cup, and the other will get the clubs. Allow me to enlighten you on a few pointers.

First, no team has ever one with a European captain. The Wings, as I'm sure you all know, have just that.

Secondly, it seems like despite some sort of superiority complex, the Wings are looking to be the underdogs in this series. Proof? I'm glad you asked :

I know the advantage is only slight, but it's still nice to see isn't it?

Finally, just remember the simple fact that Penguins don't need wings to fly. Plus, just for an extra kick, Penguins eat octopus.

There goes your luck.