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Another letter from PensBurgh after a Penguins' loss

Dear Winging it in Motown,

What can I say?  You guys definitely earned that one.  Chris Osgood has never looked better in net, Kronwall couldn't have hit harder and Samuelsson (seriously?) couldn't have been more in the right place at the right time.  Congrats on a Game 1 victory.

Now on to Game 2. 

Expect Pitt to turn their entire game plan around.  12 shots in the first was great, but a combined seven over the next two periods was just horrendous.  Was it the Pens' power play that stumbled on four straight chances, or was it the Detroit penalty kill that was playing out of their minds?  I'm sure that question will draw two different responses, each coinciding with one's particular fandom. 

Either way you look at this, it would seem we have a goaltending duel on our hands.  Minus Fleury's defense collapsing on him in the third, the first period had all believing that this would be a one-goal game.  As I've been saying to countless other Penguins fans, "1-0 would've been ok, 2-0 somewhat acceptable - but 4-0 just shows a collapse in every aspect of the team."

And so we await Monday, the second installment of this riveting series.  May your holiday weekend be a joyous one, and your squid extra delicious.

Love always,