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A third letter from PensBurgh

Dearest and lovable fans at Winging it in Motown,

So, what's up guys?  I hear the fairways are pretty nice this ti...

Not yet; sorry.  I can't allow myself to give up yet.  From a blogger's perspective, I've spent way too much time writing about and following this team all season long to even consider cashing it in until one of these teams has four wins.  For the time being it's looking very much like Detroit, but who knows?

I'm thinking, hoping, praying this thing heads back to Detroit 2-2.  A win next game will do wonders for this series.  But I almost have to think that before the Pens even win they have to do something else.  I forget what it is, but I know it's important.  Oh!  I remember now - SCORE A GOAL.  Right, that's it.

Hey Osgood is - well, good, but he's no God.  God's don't hold out their arm to take dives in the third period in a 3-0 shutout when a player on the other team gives a love tap.  Suck it up Ozzie, you're starting to show your age.

While we're on the topic of cheese, let me just apologize for the Franzen hit.  I even said out-loud while watching, "Roberts - you *expletive*."  So for all it's worth, I apologize.

We'll get one - oh yes, we'll get one.  Whether that is one goal or one win is yet to be determined, but we'll get something.  Mark my word.

See you in Pitt.

Hugs, kisses and firm handshakes,