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Another Letter from PensBurgh

Dearest Wings Fans:

We have a series now, huh?  That was one hell of a game.  Hard hits, fast skating - it had everything.  For the sake of the sport, let's hope the ratings were through the roof for NBC.

The Pens proved that Osgood is breakable and they did it in superb fashion.  And Franzen?  Now I know why they call that guy The Mule.  That power play goal was just devastating.  His stock value has skyrocketed this post-season.

So now we have two days off.  Two days for Detroit to shake the loss, and two days for Pittsburgh to try and ride it out till Saturday night.  If this series heads back to Detroit 2-2, we're looking at what can possibly be one of the best series in years.

Good game,