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Letter from PensBurgh


Zetterberg is the real deal.  Offensive, defensive - the guy comes from the school of hockey.  It didn't show on the board for him, but it didn't have to.  Great work on the PK.

So I suppose we're coming to our end soon enough.  Is this going to be it on Monday, or will Pitt squeak out the win to bring the circus back to PA?  I wouldn't manage a Penguins blog if I didn't have faith in Pitt's ability to win Monday.  As I mentioned in the open thread for Game 4 - I can't allow myself to give-in until the final horn of a team's fourth win.

And so we wait - one short day for travel and Game 5 on Monday. 

Something tells me Pitt's not done yet.

Hugs and kisses,