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Going to the parade!

So I get to work at my internship in Chicago Thursday morning and my bosses ask when the parade is. I tell them and they ask if I’m going. I said that no, I’m working here. After a discussion amongst themselves, they decided they would be mad if I didn’t go. So I took the 5.5 hour train after work from Chicago to Ann Arbor. It’s 7:10am on Friday and I leave for Joe Louis Arena in half an hour. I’ll be front and center at the parade and I couldn’t be more excited!!

Basically, I’d like to apologize for a lack of posting especially after such a fantastic victory, but I’ve been a little busy and getting home to work the parade was a bit more important than blogging. Sorry! Whenever I get back from the Joe, I will be sure to make some decent posts or two this evening. But until then…I’m celebrating in Detroit!

P.S. I’d like to remind everyone that I picked the Wings in six this series. Spot on baby.