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Marian Hossa to Wings

Guess Mats Sundin can call off the apartment searching here in the 313.

In a move that redefines jaw-dropping, the Wings have signed Marian Hossa to a one-year deal at $7.4 million. Hossa was an unrestricted free agent, and now the Wings have an embarrassment of riches on the forward lines.

Ken Holland, who at this point is approaching "Water-Into-Wine" territory, fought off the Oilers. They had made a reported $9 million offer to Hossa, and if there was ever any question as to if a "Red Wings Discount" exists (that players are more than happy to take a discount in pay to play for this franchise), this should put a nail in it. I'm surprised the NHLPA isn't steaming over this.

Meanwhile, you have to feel bad for the Pens, who were two games away from a Cup, thought they had a nice long-term nucleus, and now have watched as both Hossa and Ryan Malone are out the door.

Addendum (2:30 pm ET): Perhaps today's signing is the reason the Pens signed Malkin to a five-year extension.