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Wings re-sign Howard and Ericsson

Two players likely to spend the next year in Grand Rapids have been re-signed. Jimmy Howard, the Wings goaltender of the future, and defenseman Jonathan Ericsson will be with the Wings for another three seasons.

According to information posted on the NHL Players’ Association Web site, Howard will earn $600,000 next season and Ericsson will make $550,000.

I'm not surprised with either of the signings and Ericsson's could be quite the bargain in three years when he's a stud on the Wings roster.

The Wings have yet to re-sign Chris Chelios and while I still believe it's going to happen, I am surprised by the delay. Once Cheli signs his extension, the Wings will have nine solid NHL defensemen including Ericsson so depth won't be a problem- fitting under the cap may be.