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Clearing the board

A quick whiparound of a variety of links for your reading pleasure:

The Wings will be on the cover of the AT&T Yellow Pages this year. While there's no mock up, you can look for it on your front porch soon enough, when you'll look at it once before putting it in the recycling center

The Chicago Tribune put up a graphic of the way the NHL placed the rink for the press conference at 1060 W. Addison. It would put the rink in shallow center field, just covering second base. If that's the case, my preference would be the upper deck box seats or the bleachers for the best view (The Cubs have said that no seats will be placed on the field).

The Wings resigned a couple of players from the Griffins: Darren Hayden and Ryan Oulahen.

Finally, when the schedule came out, the Florida Panthers picked a fine time to announce that every seat in the building for the Wings visit will carry a $25 surcharge. In some cases, the surcharge is larger than the actual ticket price. That, my friends, is the kind of chutzpah usually only found at 2000 Brush Street.