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McCarty looking elsewhere

Ok, so here's the deal with Darren McCarty. The Wings have offered him a two-way contract for one season so he'd get paid one figure if he was playing in the NHL and a much lower figure if he's playing in Grand Rapids. GM Ken Holland talked to McCarty's agent, Patrick Morris, in early August. He "told them to take the month of August, explore their options."

As a result, Morris is looking at other clubs who may be able to offer McCarty an NHL contract instead of a two-way deal. If Morris is unsuccessful, McCarty is expected to take the standing offer in the beginning of September at the earliest.

Thanks to the salary cap, the Wings are unable to offer McCarty an NHL contract so you can't blame him and his agent for looking elsewhere for a better deal.

While his veteran experience and low salary cap may be an interesting option for a team, I think McCarty is going to end up signing that two-year deal with Detroit.