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Wings Season Ticket Holders To Get Chance At Winter Classic

Thanks to a friend, I was able to attend the Red Wings season ticket holder "puck drop" party. I have quite a few photos (and a couple of beefs), but I'll save those for another post. As part of the party, they had an open Q&A with Jim Nill, Mike Babcock, and Steve Yzerman, which for the most part turned into the "Stevie Y Love In" (it was rather amusing to see Nill and Babcock sit there while Yzerman was asked question after question).

But the last question of the session did provide some news: Nill confirmed that Wings season ticket holders will have a crack at Winter Classic tickets. He noted that the Wings allotment will be "a few thousand," and that they know nothing about where the seats are or cost (since the NHL, which is running the show, hasn't announced anything about them yet).

So to all the Wings season ticket holders I know: Have I told you how much I love you lately?