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Winter Classic Roundup

I'm still trying to upload all my photos (it's taking awhile), but I'll be sure to put up a FanShot and a link to the rest as soon as I can. Until that and when I complete the game recap, here's a quick roundup of what other blogs are saying about the Winter Classic. If I missed something, please feel free to add it in the comment section.

SBN Blogs

James Mirtle at From the Rink hosted a WC liveblog with other SBN bloggers and Puck Daddy. Matt and Sam at Second City Hockey posted a game thread and then a recap about the game. I got a chance to meet Al, the blogger behind, Bleed Cubbie Blue before the game. As a big Cubs fan, he put up his own thread and has a great recap of the game experience as well.

Other Blogs

Abel to YzermanBethany's Hockey Rants - Snapshots - Red Wings Corner - Puck Daddy


Detroit NewsDetroit Free Press - Chicago Sun-Times - Chicago Tribune - Daily Herald - ESPN - Booth Newspapers

To hold you over until I get the game recap up, here's that beautiful Pavel Datsyuk goal: