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Wings close to signing Zetterberg to contract extension

According to the Detroit Free Press, the Detroit Red Wings are close to signing forward Henrik Zetterberg to a contract extension.

So what does this mean for us?

First, we get the comfort of knowing that this talented athlete wants to stay in Detroit for quite some time. Many believe, myself included, that Hank will be named captain upon Nicklas Lidstrom's retirement but that would be kind of hard to do if he doesn't re-sign with the Wings.

Second, it'll give us a better idea of where the Wings will stand in terms of salary cap. Will we have a shot at signing Franzen, Hossa, and Hudler or wlll we only get to keep one? Once Zetterberg has signed, GM Ken Holland can start working more with Hossa and Franzen's agents to figure something out before the postseason begins.

Holland would like to have everyone re-signed by March 4th (the trade deadline). He intends to sign Zetterberg first, but if it starts taking too long he will turn to Hossa and Franzen.

So that leads into our newest featured poll...