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SBNation Power Rankings!

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A lot of the writers for the hockey side of SBNation got together--electronically at least--and ranked the top 10 in the NHL and 1-15 in each Conference. Keep in mind these are the preseason rankings on who we think are the best teams right now. Here's what came out of the Top 10 poll as well as the Western Conference poll:

Rank (1st votes) Team SBNation site
1 (8) San Jose Sharks Fear the Fin
2 (4) Detroit Red Wings You're here already
3 (4) Pittsburgh Penguins PensBurgh
4 (5) Washington Capitals Japer's Rink
5 Boston Bruins Stanley Cup of Chowder
6 Chicago Blackhawks Second City Hockey
7 Philadelphia Flyers Broadstreet Hockey
8 Vancouver Canucks Nucks Misconduct
9 Calgary Flames Matchsticks and Gasoline
10 Carolina Hurricanes Canes Country

Western Conference rankings after the jump...

Here's how the Western Conference poll filled out:

Rank Team
1 San Jose Sharks
2 Detroit Red Wings
3 Vancouver Canucks
4 Chicago Blackhawks
5 Anaheim Ducks
6 Calgary Flames
7 St. Louis Blues
8 Columbus Blue Jackets
9 Dallas Stars
10 Edmonton Oilers
11 Los Angeles Kings
12 Minnesota Wild
13 Nashville Predators
14 Phoenix Coyotes
15 Colorado Avalanche