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Post Game Musings: Capitals/Wings Edition

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Wings got the second win of the year, this time against a very good Capitals team. Here are a few of the things I've noticed in the game last night:


  • Osgood played pretty awesome last night. Sure, the first goal was kind of weak but Oz clamped down after that and had some incredible saves. Two huge saves during powerplay chances were probably the difference in the game, including the incredible desperation toe save on Ovechkin. The second goal was hard to put on Oz as Kronwall was screening him on the shot. Something must have switched his game to the "on" position since returning from Sweden and hopefully it continues at this level.
  • Since when does Valtteri Filppula hit like he did last night? Although not credited with any hits in the box score, Fil had at least two big hits. The first was against Tyler Sloan and Fil put him on his butt with a solid and clean hit. The second wasn't as big but any time you put a skater like Alex Ovechkin when you're the target is impressive. I remember two or three impressive hits in the Chicago game too, and I like it. Oh and he had two assists, no biggie. 
  • Many of you may have seen that Brad May was wearing a different number last night. What number? 24. Gasp! Apparently, Chelios didn't care when May asked him though so my mood of "what in the crap?" went to "oh okay, well that's cool." I thought it was respectful of May to ask Cheli before assuming the number on the jersey. Also liked how May was the leader in hits last night with 5, second in the game to Ovechkin who had 10.
  • Derek Meech has been a solid fill in for Brett Lebda. The only real blunder I've noticed so far is a dangerous hit he put on Capitals Quintin Laing that resulted in a boarding penalty. Otherwise, Meech has played a smart, well positioned two games thus far. Meech and Ericsson seem to work well together and have a good sense for what the other is going to do defensively. Although on the ice for the Bradley goal last night, Meech played the puck well and forced the shot to the near post, something you often aim for, but it somehow squeaked through Oz. I'm starting to really like this switch on defense. 
  • The more I see Jason Williams' powerplay goal, the more and more I like it. Although Theodore was screened, the shot was perfectly placed in the top corner of the net, no chance for a butterfly goalie on a shot that fast.
  • Hmmm...Kind of odd that we've scored 3 goals in all four games thus far. Oh well, I'll take it.
  • This is the one where I get tomatoes thrown and the big prop hook to pull me off stage. I like the way Todd Bertuzzi is playing so far. I don't think he's the same player he was during his first stay in Motown...he's better. He hasn't had all too many quality chances to prove that he still has the scoring touch but I like the game he is playing. He is hard skater and crashes the net often looking for rebounds. I liked the pairing with Zetterberg and Datsyuk last night because i think he gives them better protection than Holmstrom while still doing a similar job. I may change my mind in the future but I think he is doing a solid job so far in his second stint with the team.
That's it for me for today. Enjoy your Sunday and see you back here Monday for a Sabres preview!