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Hittin' the Road

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The Wings will embark on a 5 game road trip, three of which are against Canadian teams, over the next week and a half. The trip is one of three trips of 5 games throughout the season and the first one will be the first real test of this team's ability to win away from home. So far, Detroit is 0-3 on the road (counting both Sweden games as away contests) and needs to right the ship sooner rather than later.Last season, Detroit was tied with Boston for the most wins on the road at 24.

Here's a quick look at the schedule for the next five games:

Date Opponent Time (ET)
10/22 Thurs Phoenix 10:00 PM
10/24 Sat Colorado 9:00 PM
10/27 Tue Vancouver 10:00 PM
10/29 Thurs Edmonton 9:30 PM
10/31 Sat Calgary 10:00 PM

As you can see, everyone of these games is going to be tough. The Coyotes (yes, the Coyotes) are off to a 5-2 start and have some good play in net from Ilya Bryzgalov, who was the NHL's top star for last week with a .95 GAA and a 3-0 record. We already know what Colorado can do, and has done, to the Wings. Vancouver has gotten off to a shaky start with a 3-5 record but any time you face Roberto Luongo you also face the possibility of an L in the boxscore. Edmonton and Calgary are both off to good starts with 5-2-1 records and both have solid netminding to go with their offensive attack.

All five games are going to be a battle and staying up late to watch them might make things even worse for us fans. However, success on the road could lead to boosted confidence within the team and good things for this team still searching for an identity moving forward in the season.