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Justin Abdelkader to AHL, Brad May to Red Wings roster (Updated!)

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Justin Abdelkader was assigned to the AHL following the signing of Brad May by the Red Wings. The move is one that I'm sure will create some head scratching because of many people calling for a "youth movement" within the team.

Personally, I'm on the fence on this one because each player brings something great to the table. Abdelkader is a good face-off guy, skates and passes well, and has a good mind for the game. May on the other hand, is a tough, hard checking, big body that will drop the gloves. There has been an emphasis on protecting the star players recently and why not? Anaheim showed last year that they could push the Wings around because who was going to stop them? With Andreas Lilja out of the line-up, there were only one or two guys that would drop the gloves and we needed them defensively so they abstained. May and Bertuzzi add some physicality to the team but I hope it doesn't turn into goonery.

I definitely think Abdelkader will be back up sometime soon so those who are a big fan of him shouldn't be all that disappointed. I think he and May will flip-flop often throughout the year (assuming May's contract allows him to be sent to the AHL).

UPDATE: Babcock says that May will play tonight if the paperwork is completed in time. If it isn't, Eaves will make his debut.