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Wings jump up in SB Nation Power Rankings

Don't know how many of you take stock in power rankings, but the SB Nation Hockey bloggers vote each week on the top ten teams in the league and the best in each conference.

Finally, we're back to a respectable spot so I feel okay posting this:

Western Conference Power Rankings
 Rk (Prv)  Team  Record  SB Nation Blog
1 (1)  San Jose Sharks 14-4-4  Fear The Fin
2 (5)  Chicago Blackhawks 12-5-2  Second City Hockey
3 (2)  Calgary Flames 12-4-2  Matchsticks and Gasoline
4 (10)  Detroit Red Wings 10-5-3  Winging It In Motown
5 (4)  Los Angeles Kings 13-7-2  Battle of California
6 (3)  Colorado Avalanche 12-5-3  Mile High Hockey
7 (7)  Phoenix Coyotes 11-9-0  Five For Howling
8 (8)  Dallas Stars 8-5-6  Defending Big D
9 (6)  Columbus Blue Jackets 11-6-2  The Cannon
10 (9)  Vancouver Canucks 11-10-0  Nucks Misconduct
11 (12)  Nashville Predators 9-8-1  On the Forecheck
12 (13)  St. Louis Blues 6-8-4  St. Louis Game Time
13 (11)  Edmonton Oilers 8-10-3  The Copper & Blue
14 (15)  Minnesota Wild 7-11-2  Hockey Wilderness
15 (13)  Anaheim Ducks 6-10-3  Battle of California


The Wings didn't crack the Top 10 but I feel they're on the way to doing so. Just a side note, only Western Conference bloggers vote on the Western Conference while everyone votes on the Top 10, in case you were wondering about the results being different.