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[Game Thread] Thrashers @ Wings

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Well, it happened again. I got caught up in traveling and realized I had not prepared a game thread. Here's the thread for tonight's game against the Atlanta Thrashers. Sorry again guys, when this week is over things will be back to normal (I hope).

As I write this, Nik Antropov has just scored to make it 1-0 Atlanta but this one is far from over. Detroit will need to get the offense going against Ondrej Pavelec who shows sheer brilliance at times in net.

What to look for: How the defense deals with Atlanta's attack following the loss of Niklas Kronwall. The defense looked pretty shaky at times against Nashville and will need to be better for the team to win. Look for Pavel Datsyuk to play a big role tonight with his speed and puck handling skills.

The game is airing on FS-Detroit + and SPSO. As always, GO WINGS!

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