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Post Game Analysis: Wings 3-Ducks 2 in OT

Here are a few things I noticed from the game and hopefully you'll chime in on these with your thoughts as well.

  • The first one is the most important: this team didn't roll over and die. I've often wondered if there are nights when the guys kind of mail it in after getting down and are being shut down offensively. I didn't wonder that in this game though. The Wings scratched and clawed its way to a victory--even without the scratchiest and clawiest of the them all Dan Cleary--after going down 2-0 at the end of the second period. Usually goals at the end of the first or second period can be killers but if anything it seemed to serve as motivation as they scored early in the third period. This is a great game to look back at and be proud of the way they finished.
  • A two goal game doesn't make everything better on the Todd Bertuzzi front. BUT, it does do a lot for things and hopefully will do wonders for his confidence. This was Bertuzzi's first point in four games and first goal in five. You can only hope that he is starting to come to life and produce on a consistent basis. No matter you position on Bert, if you're a Wings fan you want and need him to produce for the good of the team.
  • Ville Leino needed that point so badly. It was Ville's first point since the 3-1 loss to Dallas on November 18--part of the reason he's drawn much ire. That crisp pass will placate calls for his head temporarily though and maybe will shake him out of the slump.
  • Henrik Zetterberg and Pavel Datsyuk are starting to miss shots that they absolutely buried last year without hesitation. What gives? Supposedly Datsyuk's been tinkering around with what model stick to use but I don't know if that's what is causing problems or if it is more of a mental barrier. Zetterberg on the other hand had three or four great chances that he shanked and was well wide with the shots on. Hopefully its a just a hiccup right now and they'll get things figured out.
  • Tomas Holmstrom is clutch. That's about all I need to say. Homer's coming through big time in a year many expected him to fall off during (me included). Quick hands were vital on receiving and putting the shot past Giguere to get the Wings on the board.
  • Jimmy Howard is really starting to play effectively. Sure that second goal was a garbage goal that he shouldn't have given up but sometimes that just happens. What matters is that he is facing the quality shots very well and his positioning and angles improve with every game. Most importantly, Howie gets another win and his GAA creeps down after a solid night stopping 25 of 27.
  • The Penalty Killing has improved greatly over the past handful of games. The Wings have killed off 32 of their last 35 penalties and a total of 22 consecutive. This progress has greatly improved and for that to continue to happen, the Wings need to continue very solid and disciplined defensive play in their own end.
  • Power Play scores twice on 10 chances. 1 for 5 is a number I'll take on the man bonus after following a horrible 0-6 in St. Louis. Get the 1st and 2nd lines rolling of the man bonus and this team could be dangerous.
  • Defensive play has improved greatly with Howard in net for the following reason: there's somewhat of a system to his play. Howard gives up rebounds plain and simple but the defense can adapt to that and clear the pucks out after Howie stops the initial shot. With Osgood you never really know what's going to happen and I think that kind of makes for chaotic play on the defensive end. As odd as it sounds, the Wings are being rewarded by a goalie that gives up rebounds.
  • Corey Perry, what a piece of crap you are. In the same shift you 1.) viciously elbow a player in the jaw 2.) knowingly turn your back into a hit from Abdelkader 3.) chase down Abdelkader for what you likely saw as a dirty play (that you set yourself up for) 4.) try to fight because of that play. My main beef with this is: if you're gonna play dirty and then set yourself up for a hit by turning your back at the last second, don't complain and then seek revenge.
  • Justin Abdelkader, nice physical game fella. Teach that Duck a lesson! 4 hits and a fight are good, just gotta improve that 1 for 5 in the dot--ouch.
  • Saku Koivu is probably the only Duck that I don't inherently despise.  
  • Duck to keep an eye on: Dan Sexton. Sexton had a goal and assist tonight and had two goals the previous game against Dallas.