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Homer reaches career goal 200

Tomas Holmstrom got his 200th career goal last night. I was actually kind of shocked that he hadn't already reached this plateau but nevertheless he scored his 200th career goal last night against Martin Brodeur. He deflected a shot past Brodeur while jostling for position a top the crease--in pure Homeric fashion. Brodeur argued all night about Holmstrom interfering with him but after Holmstrom got called for it in the first period, there weren't going to be many more calls that way. The Demolition Man has probably had about 10+ goals waved off in his career for bogus "goaltender interference" calls but he's finally got 200. Not to mention how many teammates goals have been waived off because of his supposed interference. I will admit there are times when the call is warranted but the reputation often precedes his actual positioning affecting the call. 

He's also been the target of vicious attacks by both defenders and goaltenders--Marty Turco anyone?--but still stands in front of the crease happily waiting for a 90 mph shot to come straight at him. Find one other guy in the league that can do what Homer does at as high of a level and I'll be shocked. Holmstrom was the mule before The Mule, taking all the physical punishment in hopes that his teammates can get better chances or so he can screen the shot until the very last second.

Congratulations to the Holmstrom and hopefully he's got many more left this year and down the road.

Side note: I've always thought Holmstrom looks like one of the guards on Goldeneye 007...maybe its just me?