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Puck Daddy interviews Pavel Datsyuk

One of my favorite hockey bloggers is the brilliant Greg Wyshynski over at Yahoo's hockey blog, Puck Daddy. Dmitry Chesnokov conducted a phone interview with Red Wings forward Pavel Datsyuk and posted the first part of the interview today at Puck Daddy. You'll be able to catch the second half on Wednesday at his blog. It's an entertaining read that gives you another glimpse of Datsyuk's humorous personality.

Here are a couple of my favorite questions/answers (apparently tomorrow's will be even funnier):

How concerned are you, playing in the Detroit until 2014, that you may suffer an injury from all the octopus slime on the ice during home games?

I have never seen anything like that. I think hockey players are all great skaters and can avoid all the octopuses. 

You once told the Red Wing broadcasters that you like to "dangle, dangle." What the heck does that mean?

Now I am going to have problems with my Russian! How should I explain it? It's like dancing rock-n-roll with a puck. You pick a puck on your stick and you dance around on the ice with it.

Who do you think is the most underrated player in the NHL?

I am a very shy person, so I cannot name him. But you can hear that player in your receiver right now talking to you.