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SBN partners with Yahoo! Sports

SB Nation is pleased to announce its partnership with Yahoo! Sports. Starting today, you will be able to find links to WIM blog posts on the Yahoo! Wings page as well as a link to our game thread on the respective game pages. It's a very exciting announcement and will hopefully bring more Wings fans to this humble corner of the hockey blogosphere.

Not much will change here, other than the fact that you can now sign in with your Yahoo! username if you so desire. As before, we encourage you to write a FanPost or FanShot and I can promote the cream of the crop to WIM's front page so please post away!

Jim Bankoff has posted the official SBN announcement, which you can view in its entirety here.

When you are ready, feel free to join the conversation or start one up.  Whether you create a new profile or use your Yahoo or OpenID credentials to register, one username and password will give you access to all our communities.  Each SB Nation site offers the same mechanisms for participating in the action via comments, FanPosts (a blog entry of your very own) or FanShots (a quick micro-post of a thought, link or photo.)  Before you post though, please remember, you are entering an established and ongoing community.  Your voice and opinions are encouraged (that’s what being a fan is all about after all), but as in any productive conversation, they should be presented in a manner that is courteous, civil and respectful of the culture that you are entering.

If you are an old-timer here, we encourage you to welcome and assist the newcomers. It can sometimes be challenging to join a new environment, so a helping hand is usually appreciated.  Cut the rookies some slack and spread the word about what they have been missing all of this time.   This is your chance to welcome new folks in a manner that is consistent with the type of place in which you want to participate.  You have the power to shape the type of community you want.

Welcome to the new readers who stop by - we look forward to hearing from you!