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Are the Steelers the best franchise?

After the Pittsburgh Steelers won their sixth Super Bowl title on Sunday (a league best), I keep hearing the media talk about how the Pittsburgh Steelers are the best franchise in all of sport. While I can't argue that the Steelers are a great franchise and certainly one of the tops, is it really THE best?

Before Tom Brady went down, I thought the New England Patriots was up top in the NFL. What about the Yankees? It's awfully hard to make the postseason in the MLB yet they did it, what, 13 seasons in a row or something crazy like that? I admit that I'm just a tad biased, but the Wings have made the postseason 17 seasons in a row and have a large international following.

Update (Feb. 4): I just saw on SportsCenter that the Steelers attracted 300,000 fans to their Super Bowl celebration parade/rally. Only 300,000? Man. The Wings got around 1 million in their most recent Stanley Cup win and have done better than that in previous rallies.

So I would like to get your guys' thoughts in the poll below: