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Red Wings Finally Discover Pay-For-Play Ticket Plans

Last Saturday's announcement about the Red Wings playoff ticket prices added a new feature that deserves a round of applause from someone:

Another great advantage of being a season-ticket holder is the “Pay as the Wings Play” payment plan, which eliminates the need to pay for the entire playoffs up front. With this popular plan, season ticket holders will only be charged for home games that are guaranteed to be played. For example, fans will initially only be charged for the first two games of the opening round. They won’t be charged for an additional first round game until a third home game is determined necessary. This new billing system will continue throughout all playoff rounds.

As someone who very clearly remembers the bad old days in which fans had to pay for 16 games up front (cash or certified check only), then wait six to eight weeks after the Stanley Cup is presented for a refund (regardless of when the Wings were eliminated), this deserves kudos for offering a big benefit to season ticket holders. Nice job, gang!