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Playoff Beard Contest!

Alright hockey fans, its time to begin one of the most interesting traditions in sports. The Playoff Beard!

I myself have a huge superstition about the playoff beard. I shaved for work in 2006-2007 and look what happened. I didn't shave last year during the playoffs and things turned out much better.

Anyway, here at WIM, we've decided to start up a little competition between fans for the best playoff beard. The winner of the contest, to be decided upon the completion of the Red Wings playoff run, will receive a prize to be determined later.

The rules are pretty simple:

1. Upload a picture of your clean shaven face as a comment on this post. If you don't want to show your whole face, just submit from nose down.

2. Grow that thing out and cheer on the Wings

3. Upload a picture showing the final result at the conclusion of the Detroit playoff run. We will re-post this entry or keep it along the sidebar as a link.

It's a pretty simple contest and a fun one to show off your beard-growing abilities and your support of the Wings in defense of the Stanley Cup!

EDIT: okay, I just realized you can't upload pictures from your harddrive or anything in the comments. If you have a facebook or myspace though you can open the image by itsself and copy the URL to the image upload form. Or, if you'd prefer, e-mail them to