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WIM makes its first round series predictions

The bloggers here at WIM have made our first round series predictions, which you can view below. We will tabulate who gets the most right and announce a winner upon the conclusion of the Stanley Cup Finals. We will post our predictions for the DET-CBJ series on Thursday morning. Until then, here's how we see the other series going.

Readers, we ask that you chime in with your picks in the comment section. You are welcome to join our contest in the quest for playoff bragging rights.

Casey's Picks:

Eastern Conference: Boston Bruins in 6 over Montreal Canadiens, Washington Capitals in 5 over New York Rangers, Carolina Hurricanes in 5 over New Jersey Devils, Pittsburgh Penguins in 7 over Philadelphia Flyers

Western Conference: San Jose Sharks in 4 over Anaheim Ducks, Vancouver Canucks in 6 over St. Louis Blues, Chicago Blackhawks in 7 over Calgary Flames

Joe's Selections:

Eastern Conference: Boston over Montreal, Washington over Rangers, Carolina over New Jersey, Pittsburgh over Philadelphia

Western Conference: San Jose over Anaheim, Vancouver over St. Louis, Chicago over Calgary

Christy's Predictions:

Eastern Conference: Bruins win in 5 over Montreal, Washington advances in 6, New Jersey Devils move on in 6, Flyers taking it in 7

Western Conference: San Jose advances after 6, Vancouver dismantles St. Louis in 5, Chicago wins it in 7

Chris' Picks:

Eastern Conference: Boston over Montreal in 5, Washington over New York in 5, Carolina over New Jersey in 6, Pittsburgh over Philadelphia in 6

Western Conference: San Jose over Anaheim in 7, Vancouver over St. Louis in 6, Calgary over Chicago in 7

Dan's Picks:

Eastern Conference: Boston over Montreal in 5, Capitals over the Rangers in 6, Carolina over New Jersey Devils in 5, Pittsburgh over the Flyers in 5 games

Western Conference: Sharks over the Ducks in 6, Vancouver over St. Louis in 5, Blackhawks over the Flames in 5