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Around the League: In the West

Part two of the look around the league. Once again, sorted by seed.

San Jose/Anaheim

...Are we sure the Sharks won the President's Trophy? The real story in this series has been Anaheim goaltender Jonas Hiller. Notice I said Anaheim and didn't say JS Giguere in goal. Hiller has the Ducks out to a 2-0 series lead, both wins in San Jose. Hiller shutout the Sharks in Game 1 by stopping all 35 shots and stopped 42 of 44 shots last night en route to a Game 2 victory. San Jose has to win Game 3 on Tuesday or we could be looking at another epic postseason collapse. Give credit where credit is due though, the Ducks have out played the Sharks thus far and deserve to be up 2-0.


Well...most of you know what's going on here. Wings up 2-0 as the series shifts to Columbus on Tuesday night. Chris Osgood has played incredibly well in the first two games and looks to keep it up in Nationwide Arena.

Vancouver/St. Louis

My my. Vancouver is up 3-0 and can wrap it up early on Tuesday in Game 4. Bobby Luo (pictured above) and the Canucks have kept St. Louis out of the win column and could have them playing golf by Wednesday. I'm not saying this is going to happen for certain, but given St. Louis' lack of offensive firepower against one of the best goalies in the league? It's not looking too good for the Blues. There's been a lot of physical play pre and post whistle to keep things interesting, nothing like good ol' playoff intensity. The Sedins have been a big part of the Canucks success, together accounting for 9 points in the 3 games. Game 4 could see the end of the Blues season or just a delaying of the inevitable.


Maybe Calgary should have played better down the stretch so they could have drawn St. Louis instead of Chicago? This has been one of the better series so far, with each game going to the last minute. Chicago has shown more grit and more will in both games, a big factor in their 2-0 series lead. Kiprusoff hasn't been all that spectacular in net for the Flames but part of that is due to a lackadaisical effort by the defense. Calgary has shown some physical play but its mainly the type you don't want. What happened after that hit in Game 1 by Camalleri on Havlat? Oh Havlat just scored the game winning goal is all. Jonathan Toews was big in Game 2 and the 'Hawks will need him to keep playing that way to wrap up a series win. Game 3 is tonight in Calgary at 9:30 ET.

Now, let's hear your thoughts on the Western series