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Around the League

Another quick look around the NHL:


-          Boston's finished off Montreal with ease, 4-0. Who's up next for the B's? Better prepare is all I have to offer as advice. Boston outplayed nearly everyone this year and it continues to show.

-          Okay, really. Who had New York going back to Washington for Game 5 with a 3-1 series lead? Anyone? Hats off to "King Lundqvist" as the Rangers look to wrap it up in 5. Ovie has been a non-factor for the majority of the series, big reason for the deficit.

-          On the menu for Tuesday night at the RBC Center in Raleigh, NC was a main course of late game drama with a healthy serving of controversy. See what's on tap for tonight, 2-2 as it heads back to New Jersey.

-          A lot has been made about the closeness of the Philly/Pittsburgh series. Many say that the Flyers could easily be up 3-1 instead of the Pens, I'm not buying it. Pittsburgh's completely outplayed the Flyers, where the Flyers have benefited from one bad game by Fleury. Look for the Pens to advance to the next round tonight in Pittsburgh.


-          The Sharks found some offense as the series shifted to Anaheim. Still a shocker to see "Anaheim leads 2-1" though. The series could very well be 3-0 San Jose though without Hiller in net for Anaheim. Sharks will try to knot it up at 2 tonight.

-          If you're here, you know what's going on with Detroit/Columbus. 3-0 Detroit.

-          Vancouver did indeed put the Blues on the golf course early. 4-0 sweep of the Blues thanks in large part to one of the best players no one is talking about, Alex Burrows. Oh, and that Roberto Luongo guy's pretty good too I guess.

-          Now for the series that nobody's watching but probably should be. Switch on over to Chicago/Calgary on Saturday night for what promises to be a hard fought battle. The teams are tied at 2, both teams taking their home set while dropping the away set. This has been a great series thus far with lots of physical play mixed with some great goal scoring. Calgary has some momentum heading back to Chicago for Game 5.