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Quick Introduction...

Hello, I'll take a little time to introduce myself. My name's Casey and I'm one of the new additions to the Winging It In Motown staff. Hopefully with the addition of a few new writers we'll be able to bring you the most in-depth and complete coverage of the Wings as possible.

You may, or more than likely may not, know me from my previous blog. I started Mr. Norris Trophy in February of this season but found myself writing to myself more or less. In the part of the country I live in, Virginia, the majority of people don't like hockey and when they do it's the Capitals or 'Canes. So for the most part, my posts were being read by those that had very little interest in the Hockeytown tradition. Thanks to WIM, I now have a place to write about the Wings and it will actually be read!

As far as my Red Wings background goes, I remember first watching an NHL game at 6 or 7 and the Wings were stacked with talent. I don't know why I chose the Red Wings but from then on, they've been the team I live and die by the most out of any sport. I remember growing up with Steve Yzerman as the captain. It was strange when Y retired because he was the only Wings captain I had ever known. Steve, Vladdy, and Nick were my hockey idols growing up and all three were/are great examples of team leaders. I also idolized Dominik Hasek so you could imagine the excitement I had when he came to join the Wings.

Anyway, that's all I'll go into for now. I could go on and on about memories but we're too busy making some right now and hopefully the playoffs will bring many more. Hopefully I'll be able to provide some good insight into the already great inputs on WIM and help the site grow with fans.