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Allow Myself To Introduce...Myself

Hey there, Hockeytown!

For those of you who don't know me, my name is Chris. I am thrilled to be the newest addition to the WIM family and, like Casey said, am looking forward to working with the rest of team to bring you the best Red Wings coverage possible.

Similar to Casey, I found myself blogging about the Wings and Detroit sports from somewhere that really didn't care too much about what I had to say: Seattle, Washington. And to make matters worse, it seems like every hockey fan out here is all about the Canucks or one of the California teams. No good. So I created Sleepless In Michigan to have a place to get my thoughts and feelings about my beloved hometown teams out to people who really cared, albeit to mixed results. Now that I have joined the WIM family, I know I will be surrounded by people who are as excited about Wings hockey as I am.

Anyways, I lived in Michigan for 18 years and was able to witness some of the greatest Wings moments in recent history. From the "Brawl In Hockeytown", to the six goal barrage on Patrick Roy in game seven of the '02 West Finals, to the hoisting of Lord Stanley in '97, '98 and '02, my time in Detroit was filled with some truly amazing times. And even even though I moved away, my passion for the Wings never waned, and the Spirit of Hockeytown is still running through my veins. 

In the end, I'm a fan first, just like all of you. Along with regular analysis and insight that you have come to expect from WIM, I'm really excited to foster discussions that you can relate to, and am hopeful that we can get some great chatter going. In one way or another, we are all a part of one of the greatest organizations in the world, so I encourage you to step up and tell us what you think, what you want to see and how we can best connect with you.

That's it for now, Wings fans. I'm looking forward to spending the upcoming weeks with you, as we continue the quest for our 12th Stanley Cup. Here's to an awesome ride.