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Analyzing the series

Well, another game, another close loss. Here are some of the things I've thought about since the loss and during the game.

  • Gotta feel for Chris Osgood in this series. He's been great but still has to be in a Game 7 on Thursday. He's been incredible in net and has dispelled any naysayers. In this series he has a 2.33 GAA but still has the 3 losses, each loss coming by one goal. In the three losses, two of them have come on only 2 goals allowed. He's been strong in net but the Ducks are finding a way to shut down the NHL's best offense. Osgood, despite what many expected coming into the playoffs, will NOT be the scapegoat in this series.
  • Where has Pavel Datsyuk been? I know the Ducks have a great defense and great defensive forwards but Pavs isn't helping me much in my argument to fellow hockey fans that he is the best player in the NHL. Right now, I have as many goals as he does in the series. Datsyuk has to start getting some offense going or we'll be watching the Ducks in the next round.
  • Johan Franzen is just a monster. We've played 6 games in this series right? He's got how many goals does he have? Oh, 6? That's a pretty good goals per game average. Johan has completely taken over the offense and can seemingly score at will. No doubt that he will be a key factor in Game 7.
  • Henrik Zetterberg has been a quiet but steady and influential performer in this series. Last year's Conn Smythe winner has a point in every game in the series and is one of the top contributors each night in terms of ice time while not turning the puck over that much and winning 55% of his faceoffs. Hank has also contributed with just flat out peppering Jonas Hiller with 26 shots.
  • As for the scrum at the end of the game...Here's what good ol' elbow throwing Scott Niedermayer had to say about it. Emphasis added by me. "There was a lot going on, I don't know how it all started. The next thing you know my gloves are off. That doesn't happen too often. I didn't even know who it was at first. I took a couple of punches to the face. I guess after a couple, I figured I'd try a couple."      Um...well, yeah exactly. Your gloves were off. You initiated the fight with Datsyuk. You threw the elbow that landed in his face. You dropped the gloves and started the fight, don't say you were the victim.
  • Gonna keep this one simple: Game 7 will be incredible.