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[Game Thread] Gm 7: Ducks @ Wings

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Series tied at 3.

A lot of people saw this coming. A lot of people saw this series going the distance because of the styles of the two teams and the goalies in both nets. Forget the fact that this is a 2 versus 8 matchup. This is an all out heavyweight bout of the #1 and #2 teams in the Western Conference, sorry Chicago.

You want the two best teams in the Western Conference and you've got it. Both teams can score at will but also have defense and goaltending to make it a close and exciting game. I'm not gonna call for a prediction other than the fact that this will be an incredible game.

What to look for: Detroit will call on Johan Franzen to continue his goal scoring (goal per game) and the big kicker will be if Pavel Datsyuk can finally get into the goal column or if other players will have to step up to fill the void. The Ducks will look for Ryan Getzlaf to continue his contributions and another role player to step up to the big stage.

Game 7 begins at 7 pm ET on Versus and FS-D. If you have FS-D watch it instead because Versus will be switching back and forth during the two Game 7's going on. This is the big-time folks, and as always GO WINGS!