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Rejoice Wings Fans!

The NHL released the list of officials for the Conference Finals and guess who's not on it? That's right! Brad Watson, of Game 3 infamy, has been left off the list. Look, I know he was doing his job and I probably would have done the same thing but I guess it kind of shows that the NHL doesn't want another debacle like that to happen, they can't afford for it to happen. Anyway, here's the rest of the list and the number of playoff games in parenthesis (from


Paul Devorski (160)
Eric Furlatt (35)
Dave Jackson (64)
Marc Joannette (64)
Dennis LaRue (45)
*Bill McCreary (275)
Dan O’Halloran (72)
Kevin Pollock (91)


Derek Amell (59)
Greg Devorski (108)
Shane Heyer (108)
Brad Lazarowich (174)
Steve Miller (42)
Jean Morin (147)
Pierre Racicot (97)
Jay Sharrers (125)

*Denotes awesome 'stache

Also, rejoice for the Wings making the Conference Finals for the 3rd consecutive year